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High Quality Claw Crane Machine How To Identify

Oct. 12, 2019

Nowadays, the claw crane machine style on the market is thousand of kinds,and have a lot of low quality crane machine also mixed into the market, choose a high quality doll machine, can let you go farther and farther on the road of making money. And our factory has 10 years of game machine production experience, professional technology is among the best in the peer, Prize Zone Crane machine is the latest production of game machine, the following take this game machine, to give you a few to identify high quality doll machine tips:

1. Observe appearance

Old toy claw crane machine will not be played, to the new fashion appearance, can increase the income. So the machine should be cool looking.

High Qulity Claw Crane Machine How To Identify

2. identify the motherboard

The quality of doll machine, finally still want to see the chip inside.It's more expensive but the quality is guaranteed.

3. Professional ability of doll machine

To test, do not let the doll is too easy to be caught out, otherwise the loss, also do not be too difficult, this way will be called profiteers.

High Qulity Claw Crane Machine How To Identify

4. Take a look at the after-sales service

Even if the machine itself has a reputation, after-sales service is important, just in case. So when buying, pay attention to ask relevant questions, and before the people who have bought communication, to see how the manufacturer's after-sales.

High Qulity Claw Crane Machine How To Identify

5. Choose a brand

In addition to motherboard brand, toy claw crane machine dealers should also choose not to sell too little, follow the big force go will not be cheated too much.

6. Not too cheap

It will not have the price is very low, the quality is very good goods. Can not take this kind of luck, after all, the doll claw crane machine to use for a long time.

To sum up, choose our claw crane machine, absolutely can let you on the road to make money twice the result with half the effort