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Back to Jurassic


Back to Jurassic ball shooting game machine is a very unique shooting amusement machine, which can payout ticket as prize,it is suitable for family entertainment center,using the simulated dinosaur image as the design, the naked eye 3D effect of the game screen To give players a feeling of being there. The game level has a hidden level, total 6 levels, during the game, you can also pick up accelerators, lightning, tornadoes and other props to help players pass the game and increase the fun of the game. It is worth mentioning that this machine is also equipped with an integrated humanized seat, sitting and playing, even better!

Product Details


Name:Back to Jurassic

Size: W2400*D1200*H1880mm

Power: 300W

Weight: 180KG


1. Put in the game token and start the game.

2. After entering the game, there are 6 levels, 5 of which are optional. The hidden level needs to be opened after the first 5 passes, and one of the levels is shot to enter the game.

3, the game needs to constantly shoot dinosaurs to get higher scores, kill BOSS can pass.

4, the game will appear acceleration guns, lightning, storm and other props from time to time, shooting pick-up will have different effects, to help you pass customs!

5, the game's final statistical score and the lottery.


1, 3D naked-eye effect high-definition screen, with the in-game simulation of dinosaur prototype, the vision is more realistic.

2, rich game content, five levels are optional, after passing, you can enter the hidden level to challenge the ultimate BOSS.

3, with acceleration guns, lightning, tornado and other props can be picked up, the gameplay is more unique.