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Football Soccer Ball Size 4


sewing soccer football ball



material:rubber bladder

leather thickness:1.0-2.0mm pvc leahter


Product Details

clear stock football soccer ball 20cm wholesale cheap soccer balls indoor football size 4 custom ball with cheap price,NO MOQ Limited,it can be used for children's gift,Many customers use catching football instead of catching dolls to give customers a new experience

Football Soccer Ball Size 4


Name:sewing soccer football ball

Outer Material:2.50 mm PVC foamed material

Inner bladder:Natural rubber,good bounce and air retention

Size:Size 4,other size like 1,3,2,5 also available

Diameter:About 200 mm

Unit Weight:400 grams

Minimum Order QTY.:200 pieces,mixed colors are accepted

Printing:All kind of colour printing of designs and logo on the balls are available

Production Leadtime:25-30 days or in stock

Usage/Quality Ref.:For children up to 1 years,promotion,gifts,advertisement etc.

Playing Ground Type:Indoor/playground/grass/soccer filed

Inflation Warning:Use moisten needle before inflation 

According to the air pressure printed on the valve

Football Soccer Ball Size 4