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Prize Zone Crane Machine


Claw Crane Machine Prize Zone is high earning, the joystick operation is simple, the button control claw drop time, the beginning of the game will emit a pleasant music and colorful LED lights, seven different colors rotated.Our factory has ten years of experience in the production of claw crane machines, the technology and quality can be guaranteed.

Product Details

Prize Zone Crane Machine



N.T.W:200 KGS


Voltage: AC110V-240V (customizable)

 Prize Zone Crane Machine

How is our program payout settings

Fixed(by default):if you setting it 10 times to payout one gift, then you can not win the gift before 10 times;

Random: if you setting 10 times to payout one gift, you can win the gift among 10 times, maybe the first time, maybe the second time;

Vending mode: win every time(whatever you choose prize out with fixed or random, the program included the vending mode)

Prize Zone Crane Machine