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rubik's cube crane machine


CUBE CRANE claw crane machine is high earning crane machine, simple to play joystick and button controls, owner can Fully Operate Adjustable prize rate and how many to play one times, support coin and banknotes, swipe card can be ready, it is excellent toy vending machine for location operation, shopping mall, family entertainment center.

Product Details

CUBE CRANE crane machine specification:

Size: L85 x W85 x 95(CM)

Weight: 60kg

Power: 80W


CUBE CRANE toy vending machine feature:

1. High earning

2. Simple to play joystick and button controls

3. Exciting sounds and colorful LED light, seven different colors rotated

4. Fully Operate Adjustable

5. Control Skill Setting

6. Solid Metal Cabinet

7. Swipe Card can be Ready

8. Vending machine inside program