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Double Golden House Crane


Name:Double Golden House

Player:2 player



Input: AC110V-AC240V

Power: 150W

Joystick height from floor:91cm


Product Details

Golden house mini crane game machine is a newly developed double claw candy vending arcade game machine in 2022, It can vends cheap Small Toys / Candy / keychain / small plush and any mini prize,set it to win every time or use it as an skill crane machine.

Double Golden House candy claw vending machine feature:

1.Super big coin box

2.Full metal cabinet with lifespan more than 10 years.

3.Winner everytime is avaliable

4.LCD display screen visible settings to make setting easy.

5.Reserved space and wired connector for both 12V and 110 V note acceptor

6.Coins mech,bills acceptor,swipe card reader is ready.

2.Three stage claw strength is adjustable.

3.Extra-High Plexiglass to hold more prize

Double Golden House Crane