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Gift Store Mini Claw Crane Machine


Gift store mini claw crane machine was made of full metal iron cabinet,tempered glass and acrylic panel,so its durable and lifespan is longer 5 years.

Product Details

Gift store is a new version of indoor mini claw crane machine prize vending machine. This machine is simple to play, which can set up to vend plush toy and candy,control the claw to catch the gift with joystick,win the gift if you catch the toy and move it to the prize door.

Gift Store Mini Claw Crane Machine

Its size is small and can put in everywhere,W30*D45*H80cm,Weight:25kg,Voltage:AC110V-AC240V.english version.

Gift Store Mini Claw Crane Machine


1.Full metal iron box + tempered glass + acrylic panel

2.The crane is made of luxury stainless steel + Taiwan motor

3.With coin-operating function, LCD display, light count for gift counting

Gift Store Mini Claw Crane Machine

What gift it can catch?It can catch bouncy ball,capsule toy,kids toy,jewelry, cosmetics lipstick, cigarettes, watches, toys, etc.