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How Does the New Redemption Game Machine Get Popular Quickly?

Aug. 10, 2019

Nowadays, people put forward higher requirements for entertainment, and the update of video game equipment is very fast. There are some excellent new Redemption Game Machine that enters the venue, even if placed in a "conspicuous" location, but the Claw Crane Game Machine's gameplay is not familiar to the players, resulting in no one to care about Claw Crane Game Machine, revenue is not good.

When a new Redemption Game Machine enters the venue, how can it quickly gain popularity and revenue? Air Hockey Tables Factory to share with you.

Redemption Game Machine

Redemption Game Machine

1. Free experience

For free, players can experience the new Redemption Game Machine for free without coin or credit. In the usual way of operation, a "free experience list" is distributed near the store, or an advertisement rack for "new machine free experience" is placed in a conspicuous place in the store.

2. Organize machine events

Get the popularity first, then pursue the revenue! The purpose of adjusting the difficulty is this. When the new Claw Crane Game Machine enters the venue, the difficulty is adjusted to “easy”, and the operation is for a period of time. When the popularity is accumulated to a certain extent, according to the popularity of the Redemption Game Machine, the difficulty of the machine is made. Make adjustments to get a good harvest of popular revenue!

Finally, if a single promotion is used, the effect is still not obvious, we can try to do it in combination. As long as you are familiar with the Redemption Game Machine, you have a certain analysis of the player's psychology, sinking your heart, I believe that there will always be an effective solution.