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penny press machine


We are your complete source for penny press machines, penny machines and elongated coin machines.penny smasher, penny crank, penny press machine, coin smasher,quarter press, dime press, penny pinchers, souvenir press,and squished penny machine-they all roll or press souvenirs known as elongated coins.

Product Details

How to play

1、To make the selection please turn the wheel in clockwise direction until the red arrow is pointing to your selected image.

2、Insert a blank coin or penny into coin selector.

3、Turn the wheel in clockwise direction until a pressed coin is finished and drops to the chute.

4、Put the pressed coin in the hole puncher broadside and have it punched by the wrench.


1、Hopper Capacity:400~500 coins.

2、Coins was Pressed before and after ,like the above picture showing.

3、Fou images can be print on one mould,and the images can be designed according to the customer 's requirements.LOGO or Company name can also be printed on the back side.

4、It is with puncher for this machine ,easy for make hole and make nice gift for players.

5、Pressed coin matherial:Mainly copper and aluminium.If the customer use his own bank coin,we also need at lease 300~400 coins to test the machines before sending out .Pressed coins and blank will be return to the customer.

6、Bill  Acceptor  is also optional,if add Bill Acceptor,and Hopper is also necessary.


Name:Penny Press Machine


Type:Souvenir Coin DIY






Player:1 person