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Tomato Claw Machine Arcade


Name:Tomato Claw Machine

Size:L80 x W85 x H200 cm


Plush Toy:8inch

Input: AC110V-AC240V

Power: 100W

Type:Coin Operated

Product Details

tomato claw crane arcade game machine is an indoor amusement machine,it is 1 player crane machine,all steel cabinet and colorful lighting,tomato claw machine arcade can programmable pricing and options,it can grow your vending business very fast.

Tomato Claw Machine Arcade

Tomato claw crane arcade Feature:

1.All Metal Cabinet

2.Seven color change Lights

3.100% exact prize rate

4.Electronic Sounds

5.Prize Detection

6.Pad Lock Bar

7.Electronic Coin Comparator

8.Optional Bill Acceptor with Stacker

Tomato Claw Machine Arcade