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Water Jet Game Machine


ZOMBIE ZONE WATER SHOOTING GAME MACHINE is a new game machine based on children’s hobby of playing water,It is perfect for family entertainment center,game center,fun center and so on, a water-themed amusement machine, 42-inch high-definition big screen, 3D beautiful game screen, Total 9 game scenes,suitable for players of all ages, the parent-child joint challenge and entertainment are even worse. Zombie zone water shooting game machine has become one of the must-have machines for game center and arcade center.

Product Details


Size: W1180*D2300*H2300mm

Power: 200W

Weight: 150KG

Material: sheet + plastic


1, the appearance of the atmosphere, with the colorful lighting effects, attractive eye-catching;

2, the game screen is beautiful, there are 9 scenes to choose from, giving players different experiences;

3, get the props, you can stimulate the multi-water column shooting, the visual effect is shocking;

4, comes with spray simulation effects, stimulating life, the atmosphere is more intense;

5, double seat, suitable for parent-child entertainment, interaction;

6. Independent research and development, stable program, reject blue screen;

How To Play

1. Insert the coins, use the water gun to shoot the scene to select the game scene.

2, the game begins, the player shooting the monster, you can get the corresponding score.

3, successfully kill the Boss in the scene to pass, and choose other scenes to play.

4. After the game is over, the corresponding lottery ticket will be issued according to the points.