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China Barber Cut Prize Machine


icefuns amusement as a source of barber cut prize machine factory, we can guarantee that our barber cut prize machine lifespan is at least 3 years.The baber cut prize machine is the most classic machine, and it will never be out of date. As long as people change gifts regularly according to their customer groups, its revenue will always be good, Don't miss such a good prize machine with high revenue.

Product Details

"Single Player Barber Cut Prize Machine" there is no need to adjust the left and right, only one button controls the crane to move forward, easy to understand operation. Stable performance, simple and stylish appearance, can accommodate a giant doll of 2 meters high. Because the gift is too large, so There is no exit at all. When the player cuts it, the upper glass door will pop open automatically, and there is no need to worry about the embarrassment of jamming the doll.

China Barber Cut Prize Machine

Product features: 

1. Simple to play, accurate prize awarding, 

2. High selectivity of gifts, can hang 2 meters big doll, 

3. Cut the doll, the door automatically pops open.

China Barber Cut Prize Machine

Play instructions: 

1. Put in game coins and start the game; 

2. Do not need to adjust the left and right, just press the button to control the crane to move forward; 

3. Sight the position, press the button, cut the doll, and the door opens automatically, you can Remove the doll.

China Barber Cut Prize Machine