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8 Player Claw Crane Machine


8 Player Claw Crane Machine with winner box,Stock the crane with plastic eggs that hold a variety of prizes. Customers will win whatever they can grab, but they'll be hoping that the egg they get holds one of the keys to open the PRIZE BOX for bigger and better prizes!

Product Details

8 player claw crane machine specification:

Name: 8 Player Claw Crane Machine 


Voltage: 220V

Power: 1400W

Net weight: 1270KG

Gross weight: 1300KG

Size after packaging: L166* W89* H190cm (4 pieces)

                                       L65* W65* H190cm (4 pieces)

                                       L166* W166* H110cm (1 piece)

8 Player Claw Crane Machine

How to use the WINNER BOX?

Firstly,put a special key in the empty capsule toy,then put the capsule toy inside the crane machine,

if player catch a capsule toy with key,then player can open the coresponding box and win the prize.

8 Player Claw Crane Machine