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Customized 4 Player Mini Crane


4 Player Mini Claw Machine Catch Mini Plush Toy and Small Prizes,There is a gift shelf behind each position.stuffed toys can be better displayed,keychain can be hang on the gift pole.Factory direct sales support small amount of customized logos and brands.

Product Details

2024 new mini claw machine,It is compact stacked 4-person mini crane arcade is very suitable for utilizing space. It has four positions in total, and three sides are made of glass. Players can better see the gifts. The whole machine is made of metal and has a long lifespan.In addition,our joystick panel can handle the weight of an adult and is more durable than any mini claw machine on the market.

Customized 4 Player Mini Crane


NAME:4 Player Mini Crane

SIZE:W70 x D55 x H190cm




Customized 4 Player Mini Crane

How to Play:

1.Insert coin(s) 

2.Control the claw moving by joystick 

3.Press button to catch 

4.The claw moves to prize hole to release catching of prize

Customized 4 Player Mini Crane


- Both Prize display shelf setup

- All-metal cabinet construction

- 3 side big window view.

- LCD disply screen setting with joystick

- Play Until You Win Selectable

- The Joystick panel can bear the weight of a person and will not fall over

Customized 4 Player Mini Crane

Where can be placed 4 player mini crane

-Claw Machine Stores


-Shopping Malls

-Retail stores or grocery stores


-Amusement Parks

-Airports / Train Stations

-Convenience Stores

-Movie Theaters

-Any place where a crowd will be!

Customized 4 Player Mini Crane