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best toy claw machine for Walmart

Nov. 08, 2020

The most suitable toy claw machine for Walmart, I recommend our prize zone claw crane machine first, because the grabber machine program is stable, and it can be installed with Bill reader, so it can support banknotes, which is the best choice for place at Walmart supermarket.

best toy claw machine for Walmart 

As a manufacturer of coin operated game machines factory, each of our crane claw arcade gift game machine is specially designed according to its different location. For example, some toy claw machine do not support bill reader, because they are designed for game room, which have special reception and coin exchange machine. The coin exchange machine can be exchanged for game token by yourself, no need to accept banknotes.


Regarding Walmart’s arcade claw toy crane machines, we must consider the following points:

1. This toy claw machine must support banknotes

2. This crane claw arcade gift machine must has a lot of storage space, because the operator may only go there once a month to change gifts, so the machine must have a lot of space to store gifts

3. The program of the toy claw arcade vending machine must be stable, because there is no special person to manage it. If the machine fails, the customer has to repair it, which is a waste of time and gives players a bad experience.


If you need more suggestions about the toy grabber machine, please don't hesitate to contact us, we will definitely give you the most professional advice, so that you can get back your money in the shortest time.