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how to open toy claw crane machine store

Nov. 10, 2020

There are more and more ways to entertain and relax. Many people like to enjoy the fun by grasping the toy claw crane machine. The toy prize machine can not only enjoy the process, but also get small gifts. There is also a market, and many people have the opportunity to open a claw machine shop. Today, let's talk about how to open a claw crane game machine shop.

 how to open toy claw crane machine store

1. Store location. Look for places with a lot of traffic, especially places with a lot of young people, because the main consumers of toy claw crane machines are young people. At the same time, the store design should be full of youthful vigor, and more inclined to interesting, youthful, and fashionable styles.


2. Equipment purchase. Decide the number of claw crane machines, styles, and diversity of gameplay according to the size of your shop. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the crane game machine, be able to operate normally, and have complete technical support and after-sales service.

how to open toy claw crane machine store 

3. Staff training. Train employees to fully understand the working principle of the claw crane machine, how to debug the operation of the toy claw crane machine, maintain the crane claw machine, and daily gift updates, supplements and other tasks. Improve service attitude.


4. Promotion and publicity. Reasonably combine online and offline promotion methods to enhance the reputation of the store, attract the attention of consumers through various activities and discounts, increase the degree of attention, and gain more consumers' favor.


5. Incidental business. Some sideline businesses can be added, such as the sale of beverages, snacks, accessories and other sideline businesses, through which more consumers can be attracted, enjoy a variety of fun, and increase the rate of entry of the claw machine shop.


6. Daily maintenance. Adjust the probability of the claw machine to successfully grab gifts from time to time, enrich the types of gifts, and add and replace gifts in time to attract consumers through these methods.