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Do you know what to pay attention to when buying Crane Game Machine?

Dec. 06, 2019

Some customers do not understand the composition of Crane Game Machine. They are always pursuing low prices. From the perspective of operation, this is very undesirable. Failures not only consume manpower and resources but also affect revenue. One penny and one penny is the eternal law of the market. There must be something wrong with the crane game machine that the company that allows you to bargain. So what are the factors that affect the price of crane game machine? As a China Arcade Game Machine Manufacturers, let me introduce them to you.


Crane game machine mainly relies on appearance and exquisite gifts to attract customers. The appearance is mainly reflected in the chassis. There are generally three types of chassis in the industry: ordinary chassis, luxury chassis, and plastic chassis.

Ordinary case --- the material used is slightly worse, although there is a light strip, the color cannot be changed;

Luxury case --- Slightly better in material, and using LED strips, the color is variable;

Blister case --- After some special treatment, make the case more transparent, with the LED lights, the beauty of the whole machine is even better.

School Bus Claw Crane Machine

School Bus Claw Crane Machine

2. Motherboard

There are many types of crane game machine motherboards. Whether the machine is stable or not, the motherboard plays a major role. With a good motherboard, the stability of the crane game machine operation is stronger. In addition to the stability of the motherboard, the motherboard is also equipped with a liquid crystal display, which is convenient for customers to easily adjust the various functions of the crane game machine without having to drill into the machine to adjust the settings. Generally, manufacturers have integrated the market rules before leaving the factory and adjusted all functions. After the crane game machine arrives at the venue, it only needs to set the current value according to the local consumption level, and then adjust the strong and weak claw forces according to the selected doll size. That's it.


The crane game machine is an important part of the crane game machine, which is second only to the motherboard. The quality of the crane depends on the microswitch used on the crane, followed by the motor speed. The crane game machine micro switch determines the stability of the crane game machine. The player's experience is mostly determined by the motor speed of the crane. It can be divided into the ordinary motor type and the fast motor type. The speed of the motor is directly proportional to the customer experience.

4, the line of the machine

Even if the same chassis, motherboard, and overhead crane are used, products from different manufacturers still differ. Crane game machine basically relies on manual assembly. When buying a machine, we usually only pay attention to the appearance, but what about the internal wiring? Is the layout reasonable? Crane game machine process is well handled, not only the machine failure rate will be greatly reduced, and maintenance is very convenient.

Compared with other video game equipment, the price of School Bus Claw Crane Machine is relatively transparent, and the profit margin is not large. In addition to the price or price, some customers buy a crane game machine at a price. Imagine that if the manufacturer sells it at a low price and also promises your "irrational" request, there is only one way, which is to charge the product once and cut corners.