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How To Know The Quality Of Claw Crane Game

Sep. 06, 2019

Now more and more people choose to import claw crane game machine from China,because the price is cheap and the quality is good,but some inexperienced buyers maybe have bought poor quality arcade claw machine,then how to distinguish the quality of the arcade claw game machine? 

Here we have 4 tips,today we will teach you how to choose a good quality crane kit. Please take a look at the video below.

1.the outer shell of the crane needs to choose stainless steel; 

2.The gear of the crane should not choose plastic. You need to choose copper gear with special material,its lifespan can reach 5 years;

3.The speed of the motor must be adjustable.The program is developed by themselves and can be changed at any time.

We will share the next 3 tips on next article,welcome to ask us if you have any question for claw machine games,ICEFUNS AMUSEMENT have more than 10 year history of manufacture arcade claw game machine.

How To Know The Quality Of Claw Crane Game