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Do you know the operating skills of Toy Claw Crane Machine?

Nov. 21, 2019

At a time when entertainment is becoming more and more digital, the Toy Claw Crane Machine, which is simple to manipulate and play, is surprisingly hot. This fascinating and exciting game, with a growth rate of several hundred thousand units per year quickly occupied the consumption scenes of large and small cities in China.

Toy Claw Crane Machine

Toy Claw Crane Machine

The hot market demand, coupled with the business opportunities of “less investment, higher return on profits”, many merchants have flooded into the market. Despite the considerable profits, in the face of rapidly changing consumption patterns and markets with irregular operations, more and more operational pain points have gradually emerged. The seemingly simple toy crane machine format has a lot of operations. As a Coin Operated Game Machines Factory, let's explore the skills and strategies of the operation.

First, create a player base. For this method, some venue owners say that there are advantages and disadvantages. However, from the point of view of most business sites, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. For example, after our customers catch the dolls, the staff will share the dolls that they have captured to the player group. New dolls can also be sent to the group to tell everyone. If the customer has any opinions on us, we can also improve ourselves for the first time.

Toy claw crane machine has the convenience of mobile payment: In the past, when you went to the game hall or theme park to catch dolls, you might have to spend some time to queue up for currency exchange. However, the emergence of mobile payment has solved the problem of cumbersome currency exchange.

More and more toy claw crane machines can no longer be played through physical game currency. Scanning QR code payment can be started directly. Some toy claw crane machines need to change coins even around toy claw crane machine. Will be equipped with a self-service machine for change.

All said that online shopping will make you spend more money without knowing it. The same is true for playing games. When you scan the QR code and buy the game currency online, you can buy 20 coins or 30 coins. It is estimated that there is no difference.

Emerging product concepts, lower entrepreneurial thresholds, and tempting profitability has led to more and more “golden digger” swarming, and online catching dolls have been hailed by many entrepreneurs and investors.

In fact, the operating model of online grabbing games is very simple. The player can remotely control the toy claw crane machine through the mobile phone after the coin is applied to the relevant application platform. Once the crawling is successful, the operator will deliver the doll to the player by mail.

Relatively speaking, their business model is also very straightforward. Revenue by user recharge, or cooperate with third-party platforms to enter the e-commerce through the concept of “point mall” to earn product share.

Speaking of toy claw crane machine, we still need to pay attention to it: it can turn red again in the era of mobile payment, and it can also be gradually hidden in the young people's "his new and tired". If you rely on the "gambling" nature of the player, or rely on the gimmicks of sending points to run the industry, its path will not be long-term. Whether online or offline, how to maintain his appeal is most important when the consumer's initial freshness disappears. Our company also has Kids Arcade Games Machine for sale, welcome to come to us.