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where to buy claw machine parts magnet

Nov. 11, 2020

Now many customers have bought the toy claw crane game machine from China, but they don’t know where to buy the accessories of the claw machine, because the previous supplier can’t be contacted, and there are some reasons that the customer bought the plush crane toy vending machine from the local distributor, but the distributor Imported from China, so customers don’t know where to buy doll crane machine parts

where to buy claw machine parts magnet 

First of all, I want to emphasize that not all claw machine accessories are universal. The best way is to buy the corresponding accessories from the previous supplier, because the motherboards and programs of different manufacturers are different, not all of them. The accessories of the doll crane machine are interchangeable, but all our models of claw game machines can be replaced each other, so as to reduce the maintenance problems of customers in the later period.


Secondly, if you really can't find the supplier you originally supplied to you, you can take a picture of your accessory and the picture of the whole machine, and send it to me to help you find the exact same accessory on the market, such as yours. The micro switch of the claw machine is broken. You must take a picture of the micro switch. If the button is broken, you need to measure the size of the button and the picture of the button. Generally speaking, the joystick is universal.


If your claw toy crane machine is broken or not working, please consult us, even if you did not buy it from our company before, we are also happy to give you some suggestions based on your situation. Our company's crane machine technology has more than 10 years Experience, so I believe it can help you

where to buy claw machine parts magnet