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Cube Factory 4 Player


The Cube Factory arcade is an exceptional claw vending machine that stands out as a premier toy crane machine in the arcade industry. Designed to resemble a factory, this innovative arcade attraction combines industrial aesthetics with high entertainment value. Its competitive price and robust features make the Cube Factory a top choice for arcade owners and operators, ensuring both profitability and player satisfaction.

Product Details

Cube Factory Claw Machine combines engaging gameplay with thoughtful design and robust construction. Its versatile features make it a valuable addition to any arcade, retail store, or entertainment venue, ensuring it remains a top performer and favorite among players.

Cube Factory 4 Player


NAME:4 Player Cube Factory





Cube Factory 4 Player

How to Play:

1.Insert coin(s) 

2.Control the claw moving by joystick 

3.Press button to catch 

4.The claw moves to prize hole to release catching of prize

Cube Factory 4 Player

Cube Factory 4 Player: Top Arcade Earner with Excellent ROI

- 4 Player Crane Machine With Glass On All Sides

- Anti-Theft Prize Door

- Compatible With Coin, Bill, & CC Reader

- Perfect Height To Attract All Ages of Players

- Full Metal Cabinet Construction With Tempered Glass

Cube Factory 4 Player

Where can be placed cube factory 4 player

-Claw Machine Stores


-Shopping Malls

-Retail stores or grocery stores


-Amusement Parks

-Airports / Train Stations

-Convenience Stores

-Movie Theaters

-Any place where a crowd will be!

Cube Factory 4 Player