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best claw machine for kids-mini train vending machine

Dec. 23, 2019

Now the claw vending machine is almost everywhere in shopping malls, and it has become standard in shopping malls. It is undeniable that claw grabber machine is indeed a good business. As long as you find the good location, you can make a lot of money. Since most of the claw vending machine appearance is the same, they are not attractive enough, so our designers have designed a kids claw machine with train as the theme, which is very suitable for arcade center and children's entertainment center.


If you are looking for a claw machine for children, please check our train candy crane machine.

best claw machine for kids-mini train vending machine




Power: 550W

Weight: 300KG


How to play:

Insert coins and move the claw to the plush toy,press the button to catch the prize,win the prize.



1.6 player train claw crane machine suitable for all ages

2.It can be placed on a beautiful gift, jewelry and children's toys

3.slef-developed crane machine       

4.Exciting sounds and colorful LED light

5.24-inch high control panel suitable for children

6.With self-developed programming

7.provides customized service for you with special requirements of producing crane machine