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Prize Vending Machine For Sales


Prize Vending Machine is a medium-to-high-end prize redemption game machine.It is selling hot in the all around the world,and china's cut ur prize vending machine price is the best under the same high quality,Because there are many factories in China, the cost of raw materials is very low compare with other country, especially in Panyu, Guangzhou. Welcome to visit our factory.

Product Details

ICEFUNS Prize Vending Machine player experience is good, stable, moderate speed, and the prize rate is 100% accurate, one-cut cut, support for diversified gifts, novel gameplay, combined with the crane and scissors game mode, more exciting than the doll machine.

Prize Vending Machine For Sales


1.The combination of crane and scissors to break the traditional game of grabbing gifts with paw

2.Game mode combining observation and control, easy to understand and quick to use

Prize Vending Machine For Sales