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Scissors Cut Prize Vending Machine


Scissor Cut Prize Vending Machine is a kind of coin operated prize machine with simple operation. There is a button on the console.Do not need to adjust the left and right, just press the button to control the crane to move forward.The lucky winner can Get a favorite gift.

Product Details

Cut Prize Vending Machine breaks the fixed size mode of the traditional prize game machine. The gifts are diversified, which can be large plush toy, Luggage, and other high-value gifts,player not only can get your favorite gifts, but also fun, nervous, exciting, and challenging.

Scissors Cut Prize Vending Machine

Cut Ur Prize Play Instruction:

1. Insert coins,press the button to control the scissors was moving forward;

2. When the scissors are aligned with the gift's rope, release the button, and the scissors cut the rope, the doll will drop;

3. The gift will fall down if the rope was cut.

Scissors Cut Prize Vending Machine