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Skill Cut Prize Machine


Skill cut prize machine is an exciting indoor prize redemption machine.Players need to cut a string with scissors to win a gift which is big size same with the machine.Requires players to have high skills,suitable for game room that need to update machine.

Product Details

The gift of skill cut prize machine is hung on a rope. The player must hold the button to control the crane to move forward. Release the button when the scissors on the crane are in the middle of the rope. If the player successfully cuts the rope, he will get a big prize.

Skill Cut Prize Machine

At present, skill cut prize machine have become a must-have consumer item in major shopping malls, supermarkets, and crowded areas. The skill cut prize redemption machine makes full use of favorable locations such as aisles and doorways, which can be operated from 3 square meters, and the rational distribution and reuse of crowded areas. Provide a new starting line for entrepreneurs, and provide investors with good projects that are stable and profitable

Skill Cut Prize Machine